Relax Roll on Oil

$28.98 $20.00

Relax Roll on Oil Blend is so lovely, a combination of oils providing a spiritual calmness, when in stress. This refreshing combination of citrus oils restores energy, relieves tension, boosts immune and circulatory systems.

  • 🎇 Reduce pain by 99%
  • 🎇 Reduce stress and anxiety
  • 🎇 Decreases free radicals
  • 🎇 Promote healthy immune system
  • 🎇 Increases mental agility
  • 🎇 Decreases free radicals
  • Nourishes Your Skin Say goodbye to dry and flaky skin. Our carefully crafted formula blends carrier oils with essential oils to produce one oil that’s safe and pleasant to use on any part of your body. Notice immediate smoothness and exfoliation after just one use