About Us

Hello, my name is Magdaline and I am a licensed Massage Therapist and a Stress Reliever Therapist. Since 2014, I am the owner of Magdaline Massage Spa where I help people to be pain free from things such as muscle pain, back pain, neck pain and lymphatic drainage. I’ve helped thousands of people prevent surgery. 

I have created these products because it is my dream to help the world get the relief needed from the everyday stresses of life. My grand-mother once told me her story that her great-grand-father was missing for 3 days, when they found him, he was by the sea. He was wrapped in oil, salt, sugar, leaves, and all kinds of Herbs.

Since then he has been massaging people healing thousands of people. He said it was his mission. Since then my family has had 7 generations of Massage and natural Herbs healers.

I started doing body scrubs and reliever many people from stress. In the dream I was given instructions how to do the scrubs and stress relief packages. Until I decided to act on this dream and deliver this talent to the world, I was weighing as a burden on me. I am glad I get to share this gift with you.